The amazing flying electric bicycle

Who needs a bike lane when you can just hop over traffic?

A trio of Czech companies collaborated to create the “F-Bike” flying electric fat tire bicycle.

The design team from Duratec (a custom frame builder), Technodat (which provided the 3D modeling tools) and Evektor Aircraft began working together about a year ago to design this bike. Construction of the prototype bike began last August, and today, the F-Bike took its inaugural five minute flight. For comparison, bike designer Orville Wright’s first historical flight on the Wright Flyer 1 lasted 12 seconds.

The 95 kg bike was remotely piloted with a dummy on board. Project lead Milan Duchek of Duratec says more powerful batteries will be needed before human flight is possible.

Photos from AP of this first flight of the F-Bike all over the web now; the Chronicle is one place. H/T to Platty Jo. Project website is at DesignYourDreams.CZ. There’s been no word thus far from the Wall Street Journal editorial board on the terror this flying bike will inflict on innocent New Yorkers. Mountain bike shuttle operators also had no comment on the impact such a bike might have on their businesses.

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