Friday bike news roundup

Happy Friday, all, and happy 12 days until Christmas.

I’m working up my list of top bike stories for 2013. I’ll mention Armstrong’s appearance on Oprah, Levi Leiphiemer’s retirement, California bike politics, and, of course, Roubaixgate, along with several other stories. What else should I mention?

More bike news below.

Girl on bicycle: Urban Legends Fashion Show

I’ve somehow missed that the city of Menlo Park, CA requires bicycle licenses for everybody who bikes through town, contrary to state law. State law only authorizes cities to require bike licenses for city residents.

It is unlawful for any person to operate or use a bicycle propelled wholly or in part by muscular power upon any of the streets, alleys or public highways of the city, without first obtaining from the police department of the city a license to do so.

Winter bike to work day in Ft. Collins, Colorado draws hundreds despite the cold. The temperature was a frigid 10°F/-12°C during the morning commute, rising to a relatively balmy 20°F/-7°C for the evening ride home.

You know Martyn Ashton? He’s the guy who does trials riding on a road bike in the famous “Road Bike Party” video. I just heard the other day that he broke his last September while performing one of his stunts and is now a paraplegic.

The sequel to Road Bike Party, “Road Bike Party 2,” features Ashton along with Chris Akrigg and Danny Macaskill.

Bay Area Carnage: Driver in a Hummer rear ends a Jeep Cherokee on I-580 in Livermore, CA, killing the Jeep driver as both vehicles burst into flames. The crash closed traffic in all lanes and both directions of I-580, with westbound I-580 closed for four hours as officials cleared the mess and drivers sat it out.

Endurance sports at the mid-century point of your life.

Uh Oh: London Bike Share losing riders and sponsorship.

Dear Abby publishes bike safety advice sent in by Robert Prinz of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

Recall: Trek Madone front brakes can detach and create a crash hazard.

Bicycle offers freedom for injured war vet in Stockton, CA. Why cyclists love green bike lanes.

Cute holiday ad from Jamis Bicycles.

Satire: Get pedestrians off of the road to improve driver safety in Toronto.

Kent Peterson rides a scooter.

Residential developments with no parking springing up in Boston, Seattle and Miami, FL.

Guess which of these is the bike commuter? View the full “Traffic Talk” comic over at Bike Face.

Traffic Talk 5

Scientific American: How much healthier is New York City after Mike Bloomberg’s 12 year run as mayor of America’s largest city?

Meeting: Friends of Caltrain meeting 7 PM, Monday December 16 at San Carlos Library to discuss the role of bikes and other improvements for Caltrain. Keep up to date on Caltrain issues at Green Caltrain.

Have a good weekend all. And please let me know if you have suggestions for top bike stories of 2013. Thanks!

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