Friday carnage

The Sentinel reports a 30 year old cyclist was seriously injured on Bay Street, Santa Cruz, CA on Thursday afternoon. The driver of a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck claimed the sun was in his eyes when he made a left turn across the path of the cyclist. He couldn’t see where he was going, so it’s obviously okay to make that turn, right?

More crash reports below the Google Streetview of Bay at Laguna in Santa Cruz.

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San Francisco cyclist critically injured.

Hit and run at a McDonald’s drive through lane in Santa Clara.

Man killed while swerving to avoid wind blows debris in Oakland last night.

Woman dies after Menlo Park car collision.

Teen driver may be charged with manslaughter after crash kills 13 year old passenger.

Three people severely injured in San Jose crash.

San Jose PD: No investigation of a crash in which San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau apparently t-boned a Mustang with his Mercedes SUV because “there were no criminal violations.”

U.S. Forest Service firefighter run over and killed by a carload of drunken firefighters in rural Yuba County.

Benecia man loses his life while eating fast food on I-680.

CHP says Los Angeles area traffic collisions jumped 18% during yesterday’s rain storm.

CHP begins campaign against aggressive driving.

The death of 14 cyclists in London this year has received a lot of press attention. Biking In LA ponders why similar press hasn’t happened for the 13 cyclists killed in Los Angeles so far in 2013.


  1. The Google Streetview is misplaced. If facing east, then the placemarker should be in the eastbound direction. Since the driver claims getting blinded by the sun at 3:55PM, then they must have been driving westbound.

    Also according to SWITRS, between 2002-2011, at the intersection of Bay and Laguna, there were a total of 0 fatalities and 6 injuries. 4 of the injuries were people riding bicycles. Contact @steve_piercy for data inquiries.

    People Power recommends following advice from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition if you are ever struck by a motorist. #1: Get a police report filed and gather both driver and witness contact information.

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