I feel the rain

I enjoyed my ride with Cat along the Guadalupe River Path in San Jose this morning. If you don’t know Cat, you might know his bike – it’s the monstrous electric-assist home-built chopper built with scraps of wood and metal. I peeled off at River Oaks as he continued north to his office. The first droplets of rain began to hit the ground just as I pulled into the parking lot at my office in Santa Clara.

The photo below is Cat with his first homebuilt chopper bike a few years ago. His current bike is larger and more imposing. More bike and transportation news below the photo.

Cat's chopper

It’s not “Us vs Them.” Good urban design benefits everybody.

Bicycles and construction hazards on San Francisco streets.

Santa Cruz prosecutors are actively investigating the Highway 1 death of cyclist Joshua Alper.

Every day is bike-to-school-day in Portland, OR.

Life-threatening injuries for a man on a bike at Marsh Road and Bayfront Expressway in Menlo Park Monday morning.

Nigerian Federal Capital Territory minister says “The bicycle represents an affordable means of transportation that improves health, reduces pollution, recovers public space, quicker in traffic congestion prone routes and reduces cost of transportation”.

Don’t leave your bikes out in Tel Aviv too long, or city officials might confiscate it.

Discussion on traffic at Tasman Crossing in San Jose, CA.

Yet Another rocket powered bike.

Byron’s editorial on Lance @ Oprah.

SPUR: Nimble Ways to Remake City Streets.

Netflix, development, and NIMBYism in Los Gatos, CA.

Elderly pedestrian killed in Morgan Hill.

FOX bike shock used for a prosthetic feet.

And as I prepare to hit the “Publish” button, sunlight busts through the clouds. Enjoy your day!


  1. Ahhh! I saw him at a distance on the trail one day and pedaled hard as I could to catch him, briefly talk shop, and let him know how amazingly awesome his homebuild is. I thought I was back at Burning Man for a second.

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