I need hat and gloves

Sunny and in the sixties Fahrenheit right now in my part of California, but check out the temperature when I left the house this morning at about 7 AM.

Scotts Valley temperature graph November 25 2013

We hit a low of 28.6°F or minus 1.9°C. My ears and fingers got a little chilly. Maybe it’s time I dig out a hat and gloves?

More bike stuff below the photo of the old school gear shift prior to last Saturday’s Santa Cruz Cranksgiving race. Two dozen participants raised about $1000 and piles of canned goods and clothing for Familia Center in an alleycat-style unsanctioned bike race from Aptos to West Side Santa Cruz. I spied two USA Cycling licensed racers in this event, but I won’t tell if you won’t.

Santa Cruz Cranksgiving

Salinas, CA first bicycle fatality of 2013 happened last Saturday. According to the Salinas PD, 79 year old Petronio Yasay apparently ran a stop sign while crossing Constitution Avenue at Beacon Hill Drive. Which is weird, because that intersection is controlled by a traffic light, not a stop sign. Via Bicycling Monterey.

Live the dream: 11 easy steps to becoming a professional cyclist.

Looking for your stolen bike? More bikes added to bikes seen at Bay Area flea markets Flickr group.

Tina Fey says she hates “bikers” because we yell too much. And then she complains that we’re too quiet. We’re also judge-y and angry.


Eight dedicated bike storage spaces specified into California High Speed Rail trainset design. Compare this to the 22 bikes permitted on board the existing long distance California train services.

Do you remember that (San Diego) North County Transit that rear-ended a trio of cyclists on Camp Pendleton, killing one and seriously injuring another? A federal criminal investigation is wrapping up, according to NBC 7 in San Diego. From what the channel 7 journalists have seen, it appears the bus driver drove straight into the cyclists on an otherwise clear road. The driver initially claimed he was passing safely and was forced to swerve into them to avoid oncoming traffic. The North County Transit District has refused to release video from the bus to news media.

SFist reports San Francisco has the most bike lanes per square mile in the United States, but that’s not true. Davis, CA with 100 miles of bike lanes in 10 square miles has nearly double the bike lane density listed for S.F.

Here’s video from the start of that Santa Cruz Cranksgiving 2013 race.

Streetsblog hoodies and shirts. Hmmm…

For more, visit Bike Portland’s Monday bike news roundup.

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  1. I recall that when we lived in Redondo Beach we complained about the bitter cold as well; particularly when it happened before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was when we had the ceremonial lighting of the furnace pilot light.

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