Invisible gorillas, guerrillas for visibility, and more bicycle news

First Aid Wagon

Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival happens this weekend, and they still need volunteers.

Invisible gorillas Cyclists in the mist. But without the mist.

Guerrilla Bike Lanes in Seattle.

Congratulations and encouragement to Katelyn Coyne, who recently completed her first year of commuting by bike in Indianapolis and blogs as Bicycle diaries of a Big Girl.

SRAM’s new(-ish) 11 speed cassette standard.

Bikes for the Rest of Us looks at the $600 Sun Atlas longtail.

Taipei Cycle Show report at Bicycle Design.

HOWTO write a Complete Streets Policy.

This one’s kind of fun: How walkable is your state DOT headquarters?

Bike sharing launched in Salt Lake City. Sign up at GREENBike SLC. It appears this is operated by B-Cycle.

Boise, Idaho organizing a bike share program.

Bell full face bike helmet recall.

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