Jeremy Clarkson rides a bicycle

The famously anti-bike motorhead and co-host of BBC car show “Top Gear” says he’s bought a bicycle!

There’s only one way they [i.e. avid, lycra clad cyclists] can be defeated. And that’s for normal people to start riding bicycles. We need to swell their ranks with moderates, people who ride a bike because they’ve had a drink and because taxis are too expensive. Ordinary people who ride in jeans and T-shirts and with no stupid helmet.

More at Bike Biz by Carlton Reid: Jeremy Clarkson buys bike, urges “normal people” to follow his example.

H/T to Simon.


  1. I agree with the notion that more people should ride in ordinary clothing for ordinary transportation. It does not follow that they should avoid safety equipment like helmets and lights. Does he also advocate that motorists ride without seat belts and avoid cars with roll cages and windscreens?

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