Jerry Brown has NOT signed AB 1371 into law


Acting on bad or premature information, I tweeted that Jerry Brown had signed AB 1371 into law on Thursday afternoon. This is the Three Feet for Safety Act recently passed in the California legislature. About a hundred people retweeted or repeated this information.

It turns out I was incorrect. I called bill author Steven Bradford’s office, and they informed me that 1371 is still awaiting action from the Governor.

Again: California’s Three Feet for Safety Act has not been signed into law.

I apologize for the false alarm; I’ll be sure to check with the horse’s mouth directly before reporting any political action on AB 1371.


  1. Isn’t it possible that the governor signed the bill, and, before most of the office even had a chance to learn about it, much less tell others, a certain person happened to call the office, inquire if it had been signed, that person put the caller on hold, found out it was signed, told the caller, and… there you have it!

  2. Signed or not, the people of California want this respectful road law. It is the law, as approved by our legislature. Only the Governor can stop it, by a veto, otherwise unsigned of signed it becomes the chartered law. So if the governor does nothing, all is well too….

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