John Forester on the radio

Happy Friday.

John Forester, the (in)famous creator of Effective Cycling will participate in a radio discussion of bikeway history and affairs this Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 5 PM on KKUP, 91.5 FM in Santa Clara Valley. As far as I can tell there’s no online listening available.

More bicycle news below.

Bike Shack Mural

After a slow start, Bay Area Bike Share usage now up to a reasonable level. More about those usage numbers here.

Bike share for Tucson AZ in 2015?

Train builder sues the state of Wisconsin for killing their contract.

Somebody is mooning motorists in Fremont, CA.

WaPo: Cheaper gas, but it’s not..

Nifty discovery from Bikes for the Rest of Us: an eBay seller finds old 80s CrMo Japanese bikes and refurbishes them into RUBs or “Retro Urban Bikes.”

Regarding Eli Damon’s Massachusetts road rights case, in which a Federal judge ruled that cyclists in his District need to get out of the way of motor vehicles. “A law is just a bunch of words waiting for judicial interpretation.

Delaware DOT to remove Share the Road sign from their manual.

Stripped and abandoned bikes.

Karen Kefauver’s tribute to Josh Alper, the Santa Cruz cyclist who was killed on Highway 1 last weekend.

This weekend: Philly Bike Expo. Also California By Bike Summit in Oakland.

Next weekend: Transportation Camp West, which takes place AT THE SAME TIME as SF Bike Expo.

A Friday update from Urban Velo.


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