Remembering Ken Kifer

10 years ago tomorrow, we lost Ken Kifer, a tireless advocate of human powered transportation. As one of the more prolific and inspirational writers of the Internet cycling world, his loss at the hands of drunk driver Jimmy Don Rodgers on an Alabama highway shocked and saddened the cycling world.

To this day I think we’re a little bit poorer for Kifer’s untimely passing from this world, and we’re a little bit richer from his contributions.

His website was a treasure trove of information. Although his domain finally went dark about a year and a half ago, you can find a the full archive over at If you’ve never heard of Ken Kifer or read his material before, I recommend an evening of browsing through his material.

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  1. I didn’t realize his site had gone dark. I referred to it often after stumbling upon it when I really started to get into cycling 4-5 years ago. A great resource and obviously a great person and a great loss. Glad the contents have been preserved. I’ll have to give it another read through.

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