Bikes on platform of Florida gubernatorial candidate

How many candidates for high office highlight their love for cycling on their campaign material? Say hello to the Reverend Kyle “K.C.” Gibson, who plans to run for the Florida Governor’s office in 2014.

Kyle K.C. Gibson Florida governor candidate 2014

Gibson says running for governor is a lifelong dream that began with an elementary school visit to the state capital. He uses the color purple to highlight what he considers his moderate political views and his independence from the two major political parties.

Although this former school teacher campaigns on a number of issues (the state retirement system, jobs and education), transforming the sunshine state from national obesity embarrassment into a model of health is clearly a passion of his. Gibson proposes a “RIDE A MILE FOR BETTER HEALTH” program for the state, which will encourage all able bodied Floridians to ride a bike at least a mile every day. How cool is that?

“This initiative will encourage Floridians to take up bike riding,” says Gibson. “Cycling has many health benefits. First, its great for the heart and helps to decreases the risk of coronary heat disease. Cycling is also great for toning the body and muscle development. It helps to burn calories and decrease your waistline. Cycling also helps to expand your life span. Cycling improves mental health, strengthens your immune system. Cycling helps us sleep better, look younger, improve digestion, increase brain power, fight illness, live longer, save the planet, fights cancer, enjoy healthy family time, and improves one overall health.”

Gibson will begin his campaign with a bike tour through all 67 Florida counties. He’ll begin in Key West in May 2014 and finish on the steps of the Capital in Tallahassee. Regardless of your political affiliation or voting intentions, he invites you to Ride a Mile with Kyle.

Follow K.C. Gibson’s progress at his campaign website, on Facebook, and via Twitter.

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  1. That is great, but perhaps he could hire Grant Petersen as a sartorial cycling consultant. Even George W. had better bike fashion sense.

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