The second bicycle music video of 2013!

In 2012, we had to wait until February for our first bike music video of the year, but this year we already have two bike music videos in the second week of January!

This is banjo player Erin Inglish of San Luis Obispo, California singing about what “Mama Likes.”

Erin plans to perform throughout the state of California for Earth Month this April to perform and visit with schools, local organizations, farms, and bicycle coalitions to promote sustainability and share music.

Erin is currently seeking local partnership with businesses and organizations. She also seeks individual help for this tour via her Kickstarter campaign. She plans to be in Santa Cruz on April 7, 2013. She’s still looking for sponsors and venues for many of her tour locations, including Santa Cruz, so get in touch with her if you have ideas.

H/T to Mari Lynch in Monterey for this.

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