MAP-21, transportation funding and bicycles

Happy Friday, everybody. The League of American Bicyclists created this handy-dandy infographic showing how US Federal transportation funds are divied up for bicycle projects.

MAP-21 bicycle transportation funding chart

MAP-21 (“Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century”) is our current Federal transportation funding authorization law. This compromise transportation bill was crafted in the waning days of the 112th Congress last summer. It eliminated dedicated funding for bicycle projects and put several non-highway projects into a single (and smaller) “transportation alternatives” pot that everybody must compete for. Even better, state transportation departments have the option of using half of those “transportation alternatives” funds solely for highway projects if they choose. California announced quickly that their share of the funds would be used for their intended purpose.

Read more about this infographic and view a larger version at the League of American Bicyclists blog: Infographic: Following MAP-21 Funding.

In related news, the Bike Federation of Wisconsin takes a look at MAP-21 and what it means for their state’s transportation budget. They say to expect big cuts.

Streetsblog looks at the diminishing returns of highway building.

Portland, OR to invest $8 million for active transportation in East Portland.

James Aloisi, a one time transportation director for the state of Massachusetts, recommends a tax on parking lots to fund bike projects in his state.

New York Sandy Commission (investigating response to Hurricane Sandy damage) recommends full use of Federal Transportation Alternatives funds for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

$450 billion in Federal subsidies tilt the US real estate market toward sprawl.

Portland, OR uses GPS tracking to research cyclist preferences. The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (here in California) did a similar study in 2011, in which they tracked bike commuters in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties using GPS. I have an inquiry to them to ask what became of that study.

Who’s going to the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference in Kansas City, MO next month?

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