Monday recap

New York Magazine predicts nobody will use CitiBike in the winter. But guess what? CitiBike reports 19,000 rides last Wednesday, when temperatures were at or below freezing.

More bicycle stories below the photo of cycling teens in decidedly warmer San Jose, CA.

Teen Spirit

The truth about the “dangers” of winter cycling.

Carnage: Biking In LA says those are cyclists in the street who narrowly avoided death after a Corvette crashed at Olympic Blvd and Los Angeles Street during a high speed police pursuit.

More bikes in San Francisco.

“Modelling studies have generally concluded that regular cyclists live longer because the health effects of cycling far outweigh the risk of crashes,” says the abstract for this study at the BMJ. Via Patric.

How to tell wind speed while cycling.

Do you remember Lance Armstrong? Besides doping, he’s also been accused of buying a race — the crucial final race of the 1993 Triple Crown series that resulted in a million dollar payout for Armstrong. Now Roberto Gaggioli has come forward to say that he and his team received $100,000 from Armstrong to fix the CoreStates USPRO national championship in Philadelphia and allow him to win that final race. Steven Ilford, who raced that day in Philadelphia, writes about what he remembers as a weird race. Via Byron @ Bike Hugger.

Traffic Safety: Bay Area intersections redone to be safer for pedestrians. Motorist response: “Pedestrian safety is for morons.”

Sad news in Aptos: the body found in the water last week is confirmed to be that of a 17 year old boy who left home on his bike to go on an adventure.

Tranform’s proposal to get more throughput on Highway 101 through San Mateo County while spending less than what the county proposes.

Tele-voting for Congress?

Young Bay Area couples seek out high density housing near transit.


  1. Citibike is working great in the winter. I can actually find a bike at the start of my journey and a free dock at the end—and I don’t have to worry about snow and muck getting into the chain of my own bike. The only danger is that I might get used to this and be in for a rude awakening come spring.

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