Mountain View police enforcement action: Pedestrian safety

Mountain View, California police posted video of their traffic safety enforcement action today. They had a guy in a bright yellow shirt in the crosswalk and ticketed drivers who violated his right of way.

California law requires drivers to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Mountain View police have been working to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and has conducted several decoy operations targeting vehicles that do not yield to pedestrians at intersections and in crosswalks over the past six months. In spite of this effort, a woman was killed last night while crossing Phyllis Avenue in Mountain View.

Mountain View police ticket drivers who violate pedestrian right of way in crosswalk

In a tweet sent this afternoon, MVPD shares the “Top 3 excuses for not yielding to peds in crosswalks 1) Didn’t see them 2) Thought they would stop 3) They were across the street.” H/T Lady Fleur.


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