Neal Saiki’s electric cargo bike on CNN

(Pictured – not Neal on the NTS Works 2×4 electric cargo bike with surfboard)

NTS Works electric cargo bike w/ surfboard

But the new 2X4 cargo bike from NTS Works is built to haul up to 100 pounds of goods and, with the help of its electrical-assist engine, go as fast as 20 miles an hour.

The bike, a cross between a bicycle, motorcycle and beast of burden, is the brainchild of California bike designer Neal Saiki. He hopes the $4,800 2X4 will catch on with regular people running errands, as well as companies that deliver packages, fruit boxes, pizzas and other goods in urban areas.

More at the CNN “What’s Next” blog: New electric bike can haul 100 pounds of cargo.

Learn more at Neal is in San Francisco today and tomorrow for test rides with the 2×4.

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