Pacific Avenue buskers


Seen this weekend in Santa Cruz, California.

Ocho the Owl

Santa Cruz buskers

Pacific Avenue buskers, Santa Cruz

The guy with the ukulele calls himself Ocho the Owl. You can find his tunes at Reverb Nation.

Here’s a pro tip for those of you visiting Santa Cruz. I know it might be very warm “over the hill” in the Santa Clara Valley, but it can be significantly cooler near the beach, especially in June. Bring a jacket and your trip will be much nicer.

Also, if your GPS routes you over some of our back roads to get around the extremely congested traffic on Highway 17, PLEASE SLOW DOWN, especially around cyclists like myself and my daughter. Some of you jackasses were really aggressive around us Saturday afternoon on our tiny two lane mountain roads with significant cycling and pedestrian traffic. These are local roads for local traffic, so do not treat them like your personal freeway. Thank you.

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