Planet Bike Lunar Levers include patches in the handles

This seems reasonably clever: Planet Bike Lunar nylon tire levers include space for glueless patches between the levers when they’re snapped together.

Planet Bike lunar levers with patches built in

Maybe available at your local bike store, or buy from Amazon for about five bucks if you’re so inclined. Disclosure: Amazon might kick two bits my way if you buy through them. Via Boing Boing.


  1. Great idea…….except that the levers broke when I slipped them under the rim to remove the tire when I got a flat. I now carry a regular set of tire levers and a regular patch kit. Needs stronger plastic.

  2. I also loved the idea, even though I carry a real patch kit; why not have a backup plan? The problem is the shape of the levers – they are rounded at the end instead of squared off, which makes them want to pop right out of the bead/rim gap when you attempt to slide them around the rim. Too bad, because it’s otherwise a good idea, but the shape makes them nearly useless.

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