Ride with me on Bike to Work Day: Santa Cruz to Santa Clara (or bust)

You’re invited to join me on my 32 mile ride “over the hill” from Scotts Valley to Santa Clara on Bike to Work Day, Thursday, May 9, 2013.

Everyday Adventure: Mountain Charlie Road

I plan to start about 6:30 AM. The queue sheet below matches the map showing my route to Los Gatos from my home on the south end of Scotts Valley:

  • Scotts Valley Drive
  • Left to Glenwood Drive
  • Left Mountain Charlie Road
  • Right on Summit Road bridge over Highway 17
  • Left to Mountain Charlie Road
  • Left on Old Santa Cruz Highway
  • Continue onto Highway 17 alongside Lexington Reservoir (or optionally use the social trail along the lake)
  • Right exit to Alma Bridge Road
  • Left onto Los Gatos Creek Trail
  • Exit trail at Main Street, Los Gatos
  • Left to Main Street
  • Right on Santa Cruz Avenue
  • Santa Cruz Avenue becomes Winchester Boulevard

From Winchester I usually continue to my office via San Tomas Expressway, but I traditionally make a tour of Bike To Work Day Energizer Stations. The Silicon Valley Energizer Station map shows breakfast stations I can stop by at:

  • Barracuda Networks, Chapman & Winchester, Campbell
  • Campbell Park on Campbell AVe on the Los Gatos Creek Trail (hosted by eBay and requires a significant detour so I’ll probably skip it)
  • San Tomas Expressway at El Camino Real (hosted by Bike Soiree and The Off Ramp bike shop)
  • nVidia Corporation, Walsh Avenue and San Tomas Expressway
  • San Tomas Aquino Trail at Agnew (hosted by the City of Santa Clara Bicycle Advisory Committee), assuming I can arrive there by 9 AM.

From Scotts Valley to the Summit takes me about an hour, and then plan another hour to reach the San Tomas Aquino Trail at Walsh assuming I don’t run into anyone I know at the Energizer Stations. Let me know if you’d like to join me for this ride.

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