San Diego Bike to Work Day this Friday

Brian K created this video to promote Bike To Work Day this coming Friday, May 17 in San Diego, California.

More info about San Diego BTWD at I Commute San Diego. Visit the website to register for prizes, enroll in a corporate challenge, and find the location of dozens of “pit stops” with free food and schwag at dozens of locations throughout San Diego County.

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  1. The video is beautifully executed, but to me fell flat as a way to encourage new people to ride to work. Part of the problem is that the woman riding the bike looked extremely fit and very fast, more like a bike racer than an average Jane pedaling along. And having her wearing casual clothes for work while the guy wore a dress shirt and slacks makes it seem like it’s hard to bike commute when you have a job that requires dressing up.

    But the biggest issue is framing it as car vs. bike as if it’s a timed contest. There are few commutes where bicycling is as fast as driving. The real time savings is that you save time overall by getting exercise in on your commute.

    And why did the car cut into the bike lane at 2:51? Was he trying to take her out?

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