Euro weather is rainy weather, and a casting call

Bike Snob Abroad book cover

Bike Snob NYC is coming to San Francisco which film making comic genius Robin Moore (“It’s All About Performance”, “Get Dirty”, “Le Velo”) has selected as his American stand-in for the Netherlands.

The video is a trailer for his third book, A Bike Snob Abroad: Strange Customs, Incredible Fiets, and the Quest for Cycling Paradise, and needs extras by the thousands, but he’ll take what he can get.

Filming begins Thursday at noon and Friday at 3 PM. The requirement for extras: you should look and act northern European and be on a bike that can fiet on a Dutch street. Because European who bike aren’t afraid of a little bit of rain, filming takes place rain or shine. And the forecast tells us it probably will rain.

Thursday forecast KSFO

Do Europeans wear rain pants, goggles, and high visibility rain jackets in the rain? Since Mikael doesn’t post photos of beautiful Europeans in high heels to Copenhagenize as much as he used to, who knows? but maybe you can find out by going through the Copenhagenize archives. My handy tip for the day, however: avoid anything too overtly tech looking. You might be asked to ditch the helmet during filming, too. Robin does specifically request bakfiets and anything else that’s big and ungainly.

I might show up on my old Schwinn “girls” bike. It has a chain guard and a rack but is, unfortunately, missing fenders. I suppose I’ll just get a wet seat, which is also decidedly un-European. What to do?

Bike Snob’s latest book comes out in late March and covers his adventures and observations cycling in London, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, and San Vito dei Normann.


  1. @calitexican Big cities in Europe are very ethnically diverse. Far more people of color than you’d find in Portland or Seattle, for example.

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