San Jose alleycat to benefit foodbank SATURDAY

SJ Rides has organized an alleycat race to benefit Sacred Heart Community Services.


You can click the “Join” button on this Facebook event page but pre-registration is not required.

Show up at 11:30 AM tomorrow, Saturday December 14, 2013 at San Jose City Hall to register for the race and receive your manifest.

Organizers say they’ll have two races: cargo and speed.

Speed race is exactly what it sounds like: Buy specific food items from the designated grocery stores and get to the finish as soon as possible. A point system will be used to score racers based on number of stores visited and items collected. Please don’t get yourself killed. You’ll need an estimated $15 to $30 to buy the items on the list.

The person who returns with the heaviest load of food wins the cargo race. Get your friends and family to donate some cash to help you with this one. For either race, it helps to bring a friend to watch your bike so you don’t need to lock it for each store visit.

Info –> Mash for potatoes – get it?

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