San Jose scavenger hunt alleycat

An alleycat race for kinds of bikes and all kinds of people in San Jose, Saturday, August 24, 2013. 3 PM to 7 PM.

San Jose bicycle race scavenger hunt alleycat race

Two Person Teams – Prizes for best male, female and mixed teams. Registration at 3 PM, race starts at 4 PM.

You will need You will need a teammate; a bike, or skates, skateboard, etc. NO ELECTRIC/GAS POWERED VEHICLES; a smart phone or any other way to take pictures and go online to see the clues; $5 entry fee per team. The collected entry fee will be divied among the three winning teams.

Find and take pictures of 20 landmarks in and around downtown San Jose. You’ll be given a website with clues to the twenty waypoints in the race. Find the waypoints using the given clues, take a photo of the landmark, and go to the next location. Team that correctly identifies the most locations wins, with a bonus for the first team to finish with all waypoints.

The race organizer says the shortest route between waypoints is about ten to eleven miles, with no off-roading required.

Facebook event page is here to follow the details, but you don’t need a FB account to register; just show up on the day of.

A little kitty cat, incidentally, tells me that this might be one of the locations.

Fresh Asparagus San Jose canning mural downtown

I haven’t participated in an alleycat in ages. Maybe I’ll do this, or maybe I’ll just show up to shoot photos.


  1. Oh with regard to the asparagus picture, I meant if you recognized that picture, you may be familiar enough with downtown to do well. 🙂

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