The face of a Santa Cruz bike thief

The big guy in the blue shirt seemed friendly enough as he hopped on the Highway 17 bus to Santa Cruz. He’s visiting Santa Cruz from San Francisco, we start talking bikes and he begins bragging about the bikes and bike parts he steals in Marin County and San Francisco!

Santa Cruz / San Francisco / Marin County bike thief

I wish I had video running as he bragged of his bike theft exploits and how much cash he makes fencing his ill-gotten goods. He also laughed as he imagined the reaction of his victims. “They should learn to lock their bikes better,” he says.

Santa Cruz / San Francisco / Marin County bike thief

Maybe he’s just messing with our heads, or maybe we should keep on eye on him. He’s an obese, white male with light brown to blond hair, about 6’2″ tall. Tattoos on both arms; left arm is a crab, right arm is some kind of stylized running man the Insane Clown Posse Juggalo logo. His green backpack with a camouflage pattern looks like about an 8 liter capacity. The trucker cap says “Ontario Heating & Air.”

This guy is in Santa Cruz tonight, so watch for him in case he’s scoping out bikes for a quick score. As mentioned, he seems mostly to hang out in Marin County and in San Francisco. He seems to frequently ride SF Muni and Golden Gate buses. He mostly talked about how he steals seats and wheels and other easily removable and transportable parts from bikes locked at bus stops in Marin County and in San Francisco.

Santa Cruz / San Francisco / Marin County bike thief

If you want a good look at this guy’s face, you can see the original photos of this alleged bike thief at my Flickr account.


  1. My take was a variation of Byron’s. Not that he was hitting on you, but trying to impress you. That he’s smarter than all those “bikers” he steals from.

    He may not even be a real thief, just someone who wants people to think he’s tougher than his little chicken-shit, pathetic little self.

  2. That guy was on his way to appear in court on theft charges. He was in Judge Salazar’s courtroom, Dept. 1. I was there between 8:30 and about 10am. Please contact the District Attorney’s office of Santa Cruz so that you can share this information with them. I believe he said he was not employed and was appointed a public defender.

  3. As Mel stated, the guy was in court, overheard saying he could get a year locked up. Please call the DA and tell this story

  4. That’s great news, Mel! I wonder if his bragging led to his arrest or he got caught in the act or with stolen goods. Anyone stupid enough to brag is stupid enough to caught any number of ways.

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