Santa Cruz dirt jumping and reciprocal link love

This photo has nothing to do with link love. These young guys can frequently be seen near the sand quarries in the Santa Cruz Mountains with their dirt jump bikes practicing for the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival coming up on April 14 & 15, 2013.

Guerilla Jump Park

Sometimes people use my photos they find Flickr. Sometimes I’ll link back to their blogs or websites.

A 20-year-old’s thoughts on Lance, lying, and legacy which uses a photo I shot in Winter, California.

BlogHer asks Can autisum be outgrown? and uses a photo of my wife studying her DSM-IV, which lists the diagnostic criteria for autism related disorders.

Other miscellaneous link backs –>

Witch on a bicycle aka Opus the Poet.

Los Angeles Metro sometimes includes Cyclelicious in their headline roundup.

Biking In LA, Streetsblog SF and Streetsblog LA frequently link here and are always worth a visit.

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