Bikes and stuff and the Santa Cruz flea market

Here are photos of some of the bikes I ran across at the Santa Cruz flea market last weekend.

First, check out this collection of saddles still connected to their seatposts. The seller, shown approaching me from his vehicle, tells me he picked them up at an auction in Los Angeles. Nothing suspicious about that at all. He also had a box of other bike parts such as pedals (flat and clipless), handlebar stems, and forks.

saddles and seatposts

This beauty caught my eye at another vendor: a blue Fuji Roubaix road bike with very few apparent miles. It even comes with a Lezyne minipump attached to the frame. The Roubaix is an entry level road bike that sells new for somewhere around $800. The seller was asking $280 for this one.

Fuji Roubaix

Next was this white Bianchi Boardwalk, a hybrid positioned as an around town bike. $280 for this one, too.

Bianchi Boardwalk bicycle

Here’s the vendor leaning in his van, behind a yellow GT Avalanche mountain bike.

GT Avalanche

I’ll try to photograph more bikes each month. I’ve added these photos to Platty Jo’s Bicycles At Bay Area Flea Markets Flickr group. If you visit a flea market, try to surreptitiously shoot photos of the bikes you see there and post them to that group.


  1. Ugh. And the saddles with the seatposts attached guy is lazy as well as stupid. No one legitimate sells a saddle attached to a seatpost.

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