South Bay carnage claims three year old


On Sunday afternoon, a sociopath with no regard for human life made a left turn with his Ford F-250 pickup truck across an occupied crosswalk on Oak Street near downtown San Jose, CA. The driver killed a 3 year old boy in a stroller and injured two older girls who were also crossing the street. No arrests or citations, police are investigating, I’m sure the driver is devastated and heart broken, etc.

When will we as a society stop making excuses for these murderous criminals?

In other news

The hit and run driver who seriously injured a cyclist in Ventura County has has been arrested. 25 year old Tanya Topinko of Santa Barbara was driving her Hyunda Elantra southbound on Highway 101 when she allegedly “drifted” into the bike lane, seriously injuring 38 year old cyclist Christopher Harris of Santa Barbara. Via.

Yesterday afternoon, somebody from the California DMV tweeted that we shouldn’t bike at night due to the danger of riding at night. Several people responded asking where the recommendation to avoid driving at night can be found, since bikes aren’t the ones creating a safety problem.

CA DMV - don't bike at night

I’m on my way to shoot video of cargo bike Thanksgiving feast shopping. I’ll be at Nob Hill in Scotts Valley with these people at about 10:30 if you’d like to swing by and say hello.


  1. How do you not even get a citation for mowing kids over in a crosswalk? This only sends a message to drivers that they can get away with this kind of thing without any repercussions, further increasing the pedestrian death rate. Drivers are becoming increasingly aware that San Jose police are deprioritizing traffic enforcement, which may be another reason for the skyrocketing death rates.

    Another pedestrian was hit last night on Monterey Rd, making 23 pedestrian deaths this year in SJ, or 60% of total traffic fatalities! I think this warrants a protest vigil at City Hall in support of the recent pedestrian victims families, to demand the city take real action to improve pedestrians safety, and reverse their current LE policy direction which is resulting in out of control pedestrian fatalities.

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