Specialized launches US sales for Turbo eBikes

Do you remember the Specialized Turbo? That’s the super hot electric bicycle Specialized introduced to the European market last year.

Today, Specialized makes this e-bike available to American buyers.

These bikes are available only at a limited number of dealers; I’m told the minimum buy-in was three bikes.

I’m in San Francisco today for the product launch, so watch for my impressions at Twitter and on my personal Google Plus page.


  1. It seems odd to me to make an e-bike marketed as an urban commuter but to build it on a mountain bike frame. Mountain bikes are designed for sport and recreation and lack nifty features like fenders, racks and lights which are really handy in urban commuting. Those features are rarely found on sport bikes for weight and handling reasons, and when installed after the fact they generally don’t function as well as when they’re built for the bike like a city bike. I think Faraday Bikes took a better tack by building on a city bike frame.

  2. Turbo has it’s own custom aluminium frame, not based on a mountain bike, but more of what you see in a flat bar commuter like the Specialized Sirrus or Source. Sure it takes some of it’s styling from the high performance world, but it includes full rack/fender mounts and there is a Turbo after market fender/rack set available that has been custom designed to fit perfectly and look hot.

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