“Street Fight” tonight in San Francisco

SFSU Associate Professor of Geography Dr Jason Henderson will speak tonight at the Green Arcade to discuss the built environment in San Francisco and other topics spinning off from his book Street Fight: the Politics of Mobility in San Francisco.

Street Fight: The politics of mobility in San Francisco

Henderson covers the recent history of San Francisco’s transportation politics, beginning with the freeway revolt of the 1960s, though Willie Brown’s famously anti-bike policies and today’s start and stop and start again pursuit of bike infrastructure, all in the backdrop of a 40 year old Transit First policy that still often prioritizes the automobile over any other transportation mode.

I majored in political science in college and get into this stuff. Although the text is a little dry, it’s accessible and non-wonky and recommended for any bike hippie who would like to see some real bike advocacy action in his or her city. Click on the book cover image above if you’d like to buy it or read other reviews.

Anyway, away from the book advertisement and back to the topic at hand: The Green Arcade, 680 Market Street (at Gough), San Francisco. 7 PM tonight, Tuesday September 24, 2013. H/T Anthony.

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