Highlights of #WomenBike chat

The League of American Bicyclists Women’s Bike Program hosted a #WomenBike chat this afternoon on Twitter.

This first chat session focused on the League’s Women On a Roll report, which showcased the growth and potential of female bicyclists in the United States. It also suggest five key focus areas to increase women’s ridership. These focus areas which the Women’s Program calls the “5 Cs” are Comfort, Convenience, Consumer Products, Confidence, and Community.

The Women’s Program advisory team tweeted several questions related to their Women On a Roll Report.

Q1: We outline 10 Myths about women & bicycling. Which do you think are the most pervasive?

Women bike chat q1 and responses

Q2: Which of the reports 5 Cs do you you think is most important?

Women bike chat question 2

Q3: We highlight the health benefits of bicycling for women; how has riding improved your life?

Women's bike chat Q3 and responses

You can see the responses to the final three questions by expanding the Tweets below:

Q4: Women are the new majority: 60% of bike owners 17-28 years old are women. How do we capitalize on this momentum? Responses here.

Q5: Almost 90% of bike shop owners are men; are you more likely to buy from a women-focused/owned shop? Responses here.

Q6: What was the biggest surprise or important take-away from report for you? Responses here.


  1. Thanks for the roundup! I missed the whole thing because I calculated time zones wrong (whoops!) so it was nice to see a summary in one place. 🙂

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