Women’s bicycle sprint race San Jose Saturday

Women’s sprint race Saturday September 13, 2013 at 322 Bassett St, San Jose, CA.

Women's Sprint Series San Jose 2013

Race organizers remind you to “Ride to the race, do NOT try to park on Bassett.” This takes place where Bassett deadends between Highway 87 and the big parking structure next to the Guadalupe River Trail, so you can get to it by cutting into the parking lot from Julian Street at the trail.

This is an SJ Fixed / iMINUSD thing, but they say “All bikes are welcome. Choose a gear and stick with it. Make sure you bring a helmet.”

“Everyone is encouraged to participate … especially since it’s cheap friendly competition. Come on out, love your bike and have some good times with the fam.”

$5 registration, which goes into the cash prize pot.

On the UBSJ event calendar.

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