An electric assist elliptical scooter

You’ve probably seen the ElliptiGo, and elliptical trainer type scooter that moves as you stand and pump the treadle pedals.

Japanese auto parts manufacturer Katayama Kogyo married the ElliptiGo with an electric motor and today launched their electric assist “Walking Bicycle.”

This three wheeled scooter moves when the rider pumps the treadle pedals in a walking motion. The electric assist takes the Walking Bicycle to a speed of up to 24 km/h / 15 mph, which sounds totally safe on the crowded sidewalks of Tokyo. The company will put it on the market in July with a price of US$3,000.


  1. Might as well just nix the treadle system. How far do they think people would go? I can’t imagine this would be intended to go more than a mile or two, so a tiny electric motor and battery should be able to cover that.

    Imagine putting that quill & handlebars on a bike – that would look hilariously awesome!

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