Hump Day

Happy Wednesday. Reminder: the next San Jose Bike Train rolls next Wednesday, April 16. More bike goodies below the photo of the kid having fun on his bicycle in Herat, Afghanistan.

Biking In LA sends word of a settlement in the Camp Pendleton bus collision that injured cyclist John Edwards and killed Udo Heinz in August 2013. As part of the settlement, the bus company agreed to work with the San Diego Bike Coalition to improve bike safety training for their drivers.

April is Earthquake Preparedness Month, and Bike Newport Beach reminds us all that a bicycle can be a part of your post-disaster transportation. That’s certainly my plan.

A lightweight Bullitt cargo bike.

Austin’s four simple ideas in their new bike plan.

Missouri anti-bicycle amendment defeated in the state House.

Chicago: NTS Works CEO Neal Saiki will speak on innovation and the environment this Friday, April 11, 2014 at NUSOS 2014.

The Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival was last weekend and I missed it. Karen Kefauver reports for the Sentinel.

Yes! Magazine: 7 Reasons Bikes Are for Everyone—Not Just “Cyclists”.

Researchers surprised at the number of cycling genital injuries.

Minnesota transportation officials invite your participation in a series of workshops to improve cycling.

Uber starts a bicycle courier business.

Many more bike goodies at the bicycle news roundup at Bike Portland, which recently celebrated its ninth year informing and inspiring on bicycle issues in Portland and around the USA.

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