1. You can’t be serious? Endless shots of the same young white girl aimlessly riding around some old airplanes, down country roads, and to the beach? Is this person supposed to be biking to work? Carrying nothing, Smiling incessantly. What’s so funny? That you don’t have to go to work? And where is everybody? Does this person only ride where there are no other bikes? Have all the sponsors listed at the end actually seen this piece of meaningless fluff? Of course its not really meaningless, it is packed with sub-text and layers of meaning…all counter to what should be the message of a Back To Work day video. I say pull the plug on this offensive and misguided PSA, before any sees it.

  2. To the profound losers. That young lady who is seen riding has a very charming and classical British face. The mélange that you were having a temper tantrum was in fact all the places you could be riding from. A few I did recognized, such as San Francisco, Travis Airforce base and I believe Napa Valley. The one shot of a funky road reminded me of my motorcycle days. So if you can’t kick back and enjoy the ride, you are on your own. Soooo all together we are to sing “The Weight” by The Band.

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