Bike to Work Day Colorado 2014

Colorado’s Bike to Work Day in late June always confuses everybody else around the nation who do it during National Bike Month in June, but hey, it works for them so go with the flow.

Colorado Bike Month poster 2014

The Denver Regional Council of Government (DRCOG) BTWD promotion is the largest and most prominent in the state of Colorado, with an estimated 30,000 people expected to participate today. Boulder County is part of DRCOG and participates in that regional effort, with the city of Boulder going the extra mile with additional promotion.

Other areas with dedicated BTWD events include Fort Collins, the city of Colorado Springs through their Mountain Metro Transit service, Grand Valley / Mesa County, and Eagle County / Vail.

I participated in DRCOG BTWD planning ten years ago and talked them into providing Spanish language promotional material. I’m disappointed to see they’ve backslid in that department. Spanish is the primary language for 15% of the population living in the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield MSA.

More Bicycle News

This is huge: Amtrak announced roll on bike service for all long distance trains to begin by the end of 2014.

In Madrid, they do bike share with electric bikes.

Miami Florida police chief says anarchists and drunks have ruined the local Critical Mass event and asks local organizers to work with his department. Via Chris.

Upscale D’Angelo’s Ristorante Italiano in Philadelphia doesn’t want your business if you bike to your meal. Via Coldiron.

San Jose State University students and their Design in Transit project.

Kaley Cuoco spins for baby seals.

Researchers found that many large chested women avoid working out because of their breasts; Bari offers her perspectives and encouragement for women in a similar bind.

Loving the Bike: Dress For Yourself.

US NTSB recommends side skirts on trucks to protect cyclists and pedestrians.

California bicycle legislation watch from Streetsblog Los Angeles.

A painful bike lane squeeze in Mountain View, California

Cafiend’s shop adventures with a customer’s electric bikes. He concludes with this slightly alarming note:

Mixed in with the electric shenanigans were plenty of brain teasers involving conventional bikes. Repair season is upon us, though business seems to diminish every year. It’s not going to competing shops… much. People just don’t seem to be around, let alone spending money.

ICYMI (because everybody is talking about it): Smith Optics Helmet.

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