California vehicle code website redesign

Happy Friday to you.

All of you Internet bicycle lawyers who access the CA DMV website to read the California vehicle have noticed the old URLs no longer give valid information. As far as I can tell, CA DMV hasn’t published any kind of notice about this change. Because no error is returned, Google doesn’t know to recrawl the site for the new links. CA DMV now also embeds some kind of session code in the URLs, which further adds to the challenges faced by a search engine robot.

Scofflaw Driver - CVC 22450

I hunted around and found the new CA DMV web pages. Here are some links for your handy dandy reference.

Please leave your suggestions for other Vehicle Code links that are helpful for cyclists and I’ll add them to this list.

There’s a selection for English / Spanish at the top of these DMV pages. The header material will change to Spanish if you select Spanish, but the vehicle code text itself is still in English. If you know how to access the Spanish version of the vehicle code text (apart from the PDF download) please let me know.

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