CES: Voice directions from a handlebar mounted Bluetooth gizmo

Schwinn demonstrated their new CycleNav app and bike navigation Bluetooth device Sunday evening at the at Consumer Electronics Show Unveiled Media Event last night in Las Vegas, NV. The CycleNav allows the rider to navigate an unfamiliar route without having to look at a phone or cue sheet.

Schwinn CycleNav

When used with the CycleNav smartphone app, CycleNav helps with navigation with spoken directions and lights telling the rider when to turn. You enter a destination address into your smartphone (either Android or iPhone), select from suggested routes, and go.


The CycleNav direction finder flashes right, left or straight and gives spoken instructions so the rider does not need to stop and look at the phone for wayfinding.

The CycleNav hardware charges through a standard USB port and includes a headlight for night riding.

The CycleNav app, which interoperates with popular activity tracking services such as Strava and MapMyRide, will be available for free download on January 15, 2014 for iPhone and Android. The hardware will become available later in the spring for under $60 at Walmart.

Hammerhead Navigation has a similar, sharper looking, bicycle navigation device in the works.

Byron from Bike Hugger is at CES today looking for bike tech. Watch for updates at his social media sites.


  1. Not very one has a smarty phone. I read that it uses open street map bike routes. That is pretty scary around here (upstate SC).

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