Christiane Taubira commutes by bike

French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira rides her yellow bicycle to the weekly cabinet meeting at Elysee Palace, the official presidential residence in Paris.

The other day, we saw Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti bike to Elysee Palace for a meeting. Taubira and Filippetti joined the throngs biking to work in Paris as the government imposes strict limits on driving in an attempt to combat choking smog in the French capital.

I’m trying to find details on Taubira’s vintage step-through bike. The decal says “Decathlon.” Does anybody know anything about that brand?


  1. Decathlon is a french brand / group of stores for sport articles Since its growth, it has split the various sports by brand, is the one for cycling. B’Twin build (and assemble some of the bikes in France) and sell cycles and accessories in B’Twin or Decathlon shops.

  2. Interesting bike. I’m not sure what you classify as vintage, but those look like V-brakes and a welded frame too. I think V-brakes became popular in the late 90’s. Is that a suspension fork that also has a bend to it?

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