Clif Bar Protein Recovery Drink

Clif Bar occasionally sends bribes samples of new product in the hopes that I’ll say nice things about them. This is easy since I love just about everything they sell, and I love that they support cycling and the outdoor programs through sponsorships and grants.

The latest care package from Clif arrived last night filled to the brim with newly formulated versions from their Clif Shot line of recovery drinks and gels. Like their legacy Clif Bars, they endeavor to maximize the use of organic and natural ingredients.

Post ride breakfast courtesy of CLIF Bar

I didn’t plan to ride more than about 15 miles today, but a recovery drink review is as good an excuse as any to ride a few extra miles. After my 33 mile commute with 2,000 feet of elevation gain over the Santa Cruz Mountains this morning, I mixed a packet of Clif Shot Protein Recovery Drink with whole milk. The result was a deliciously creamy chocolate beverage.

Strenuous exercise damages muscle fibers. According to the satellite cell theory, this trauma induces satellite cells to begin to repair and grow muscle fibers, which is why muscles get bigger with training. Protein ingested shortly after your workout provides the raw material needed for this muscle repair and growth.

Clif Recovery Drink delivers 10 grams of protein, which is provided by whey protein isolate and milk protein. Vegans likely already know that this is not a drink for you. Otherwise, this stuff is delicious. This drink also contains electrolytes and carbohydrates in the form of glucose and sugar. (Please don’t try to feed it to your garden; I’ve talked to your plants and they tell me they crave water more than electrolytes.)

Clif Shots Recovery Drink is also available in Mango Orange flavor, which is delicious, smooth and creamy. The instructions say to mix with 8 oz of either water or milk. I tried this first with 8 oz of milk, but seemed a little too thick for my tastes. I preferred the flavor and texture much more after mixing with 16 oz of milk. I did not try this with water (yet).

You can support your neighbors by buying from the many of local sporting goods and nutrition supply stores that carry Clif Shots products, or you can send your hard earned cash to my faceless corporate blogging empire and buy online through Amazon.


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