Count the number of moving cars in my bike commute video

If it bleeds, it leads, which is why I suppose so many helmet-cam videos feature close calls and idiots on the road. To try to skew the ratio back towards reality, I’ve started posting boring videos showing my carefree bike rides.

This video shows the entire part of my seven mile daily commute between downtown San Jose and my office in Santa Clara where I share the road with motor vehicles. Count the number of moving vehicles I interact with. This is very typical of my morning commute.

This video shows all of the on-road part of the route I will take during tomorrow morning’s San Jose Bike Train. The rest of it involves six miles of blissfull, stress free bike path.

Looks alright, right? If you think so, please join us for tomorrow’s inaugural San Jose bike train. We’ll meet 8:15 AM, February 5, 2014 at Diridon Station and serve destinations along the Guadalupe Parkway / North 1st Street corridor.

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