Don’t panic and carry a towel

Lady Fleur gives advice on cycling during those spring showers we so desperately need. The only thing I’d add for eyeglass wearers: bring a rag or small towel. I carry mine in my back pocket.

More bike stuff below the good advice.

Don't Panic and Carry an Towel

Did you know road users have a duty to watch out for livestock — including working livestock dogs — when traveling through open range in the United States? A rancher tries to give some perspective on dog vs bike encounters on rural roads.

San Jose Mercury News guest opinion piece from the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition: Today’s ambitious bike projects pave the way for future success by Andy Ball and Tom Werner.

A group of ten women from five East Coast bike advocacy groups Biked to the National Bike Summit taking place in DC this week.

The $1200 BMW (har har).

Outside Magazine: Those fun wearable POV cameras can kill you. One specific example that I’ve been known to do is stick a three foot pole from my helmet. If that pole catches a tree branch, I have a broken neck. Via Recreation Law.

That video shows the route we take for San Jose Bike Train, which takes place the first and third Wednesday of every month. Join us!.

U.S. DOT traffic projections defy reality.

Kent’s photos from the 2014 Seattle Bike Expo.

An indie rock band makes a bicycle music video.

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