1. What it seems like a problem of is a lack of education on government’s part. Heck, I didn’t event know that about where to cross over to make a right turn and I regularly use sharrows around SF. At least no one honked at the bike for “using a lane” that would have been the worst.

  2. Stanley Roberts is right: the Folsom St. bike lane, with its new buffer, is now wide enough for cars to use it like an auto lane… and they do. Every day, every hour, probably every minute or two for busy parts of the day, you’ll find cars in that bike lane. The whole point of widening the lane and providing the buffer was to make the route safer for cyclists, after Amelie Le Moullac was killed while riding there. Having the bike lane full of motor vehicles doesn’t serve the purpose. Some mitigation is needed. Perhaps Market St.-style soft-hit posts could be installed.

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