Sharing the road with horses

I hope you all had a great New Year.

While riding on New Years Day, I encountered a group of equestrians who celebrated the Year of the Horse with a horseback ride on public roads. Their route included the most heavily traveled stroad in my city. Orange County cycling attorney David Huntsman points out that this is “something to be encouraged. The brave presence of equestrians is legal and a clue to motorists that the road is not theirs.”

More bike news below the foggy Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose, California.

Foggy on the Guadalupe River Trail this morning

Elisa Poteat in Washington DC asks should traffic reports include bicycle travel conditions? Much of the discussion seems to take place here. Those in favor point out that cyclists have broken bones on iced over paths. Those who are less enthusiastic claim that the inherent flexibility of bike travel allows cyclists to lift a bike over trail obstructions.

Leif Haven looks at SFMTA’s bike count numbers and finds them wanting. He points out that commutes are hardly the only types of trips made by bikes. I’ve been meaning to discuss this statistical shortcoming myself at some time; maybe later.

Everybody’s talking about Trek’s new elastomer comfort cyclocross bike.

Lennard Zinn @ Velonews talks about winter commuter tires.

Qhubeka is mobilizing people with bicycles in South Africa.

Brian encourages all of you all to Get out.

Aaron mentions holiday carnage at Streetsblog SF.


  1. I do think some kind of condition announcements would be good for cyclists. The underpass for 101 on the Guadalupe Trail for one. IT’s not legal for me to pick up my bike and go over the roadway… Major washouts if any on trails would be good to announce. I just don’t know how many cyclists listen to traffic reports.

  2. Ah yes, that last little bit of rain a few weeks back gaves us several feet of water there under 101.

    Maybe a social media way to quickly announce South Bay trail issues? Any ideas?

  3. There was still water under 101 New Years day. Not sure how deep. I crossed it last year when it was over my bottom bracket.. Social media might be the best.

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