Free coffee at tomorrow’s San Jose Bike Train

San Jose Bike Train runs tomorrow, Wednesday July 16 at 8 AM, and rides to destinations north (towards the Bay) along the Guadalupe River Trail.

As a bonus, the first eight people who show up at Caffe Bel Bacio in Little Italy to meet for bike train will get a free coffee. See below for details.

Caffe Bel Bacio San Jose Little Italy coffee shop

Bike Train is a group ride traveling from downtown San Jose to points north along the Guadalupe River Trail for people who’d rather sit on a bike than sit in traffic.

Employers along this route include Santa Clara County, Qualcom, SJC Airport, Casino M8trix, PayPal / Ebay, VTA, Samsung, Canon, Fairchild Semiconductor, Broadcom, Altera, Microsemi, Cisco, Maxim, Brocade and more. Also, my employer (Oracle) too.

We ride at a casual 10 to 12 MPH pace for a safe, relaxing and enjoyable commute by bike on a route that takes place almost entirely separated from automotive traffic. People of all types in any apparel on any type of bike are welcome. As long as you can get to one of the meetup points, we’ll help you get to your office. If you’re a regular commuter, we’d love to have you join. If you have friends who’d like to try a commute by bike, please encourage them to try it out via San Jose Bike Train.

Free coffee?

For tomorrow’s ride, the first eight people who show up at Bel Bacio in San Jose’s Little Italy and ask for a “caffè sospeso for Bike Train” will get a free coffee drink on me. One drink per person, keep it under $5, and please bring a dollar or two of your own cash to tip your barista Josh generously. You must mention “bike train” before you order for your free coffee.

You can access Bel Bacio from the Guadalupe River Trail between John Street and Julian Street in San Jose. Look for the sandwich board sign for the shop pointing into Little Italy Plaza (and ignore the “No Trespassing” sign, in spite of its unfriendly look — they won’t bust paying customers). Bel Bacio is located on North Almaden Boulevard between Paesano Ristorante and Henry’s Hi Life.

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Bike Train will roll up to Bel Bacio from Diridon by about 8:15. We’ll wait for you to finish up your coffee and continue north from there.

I don’t drink coffee

The Bike Train will begin at the normal meeting place at San Jose Diridon Station next to the Amtrak bus shelter just outside of the train station’s south entrance. Watch for me there. Per usual, you can also watch for bike train location via Glympse, and Facebook. We depart Diridon after arrival of Caltrain 210 and 312 into San Jose. Ping me on either Twitter or Facebook if you’re on your way and running late or can’t find us.

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