Renegades, criminals, and bicycle culture

More fun browsing through stock image galleries. I think this is supposed to illustrate the dangers posed by pedestrians who walk on the wrong side of a two-way multi-use path. Or maybe it shows the plague of lawless bikers who ride on the footpath. Either way, something must be done about these dangerous scofflaws!

This image of a kid on a too-small bike reminds me of this crazy tweet from last weekend. What do you think? I’ll try to flesh this out more tomorrow morning.

And finally, you might recall that cultural studies professor who talks about the renegades of bike culture. I’ve just learned that Dr. Sarah McCullough has a blog to discuss her fascination with the fun of biking. On her “About” page:

This project began with a simple question: Why do people like to bike? This apparently simple inquiry led me to study the bicycling boom of the 1970s and its most important legacy–mountain biking. Along with studying the history and culture of mountain biking, I am also examining the growth of bicycling in urban transportation, the expansion of do-it-yourself bike repair spaces, and the rise of various bicycling “lifestyle” subcultures.

Follow the discussion at Riding Research. A related site, Bici Cultures, as a gathering of researchers interested in studying bicycling as a social and cultural phenomenon.

I think that’s PhD language for “Bike Party!”

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