CES: Samsung showcases the Galaxy Bicycle

Samsung and Trek Bicycles demonstrated a bicycle handlebar stem with an integrated mobile device cradle at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas. The cradle can optionally be connected to a front hub dynamo to charge while you ride.

Smartphone integrated handlebar stem

In a day when automotive manufacturers seek to transform their products into four wheeled mobile entertainment centers, this attention on two-wheeled transport from the world’s largest mobile device company is a welcome development.

From Phandroid, reporting from the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas:

For the more active types, we were able to get a short glimpse at Korean manufacturer’s upcoming bicycles.

In a partnership with Trek Bikes, Samsung looks to make bicycling just a little more smartphone friendly utilizing built-in handlebar docks for their popular line of Galaxy devices. Shown off in 2 prototype bicycles, Trek designed a bike with a dock for the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The other bicycle on display featured a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 dock and a special charger in the front wheel to keep your device juice up while you ride.

Still in the concept stages, Samsung mentioned these weren’t even the final design, let alone commit to any kind of release date. This was merely a sneak peek at the future of biking, brought to you by none other than Samsung.

More photos and description over at Phandroid.com: Samsung’s bike protoype can dock and charge your Galaxy device. H/T to William in L.A.


  1. One wonders if adding visual distractions to the handlebar stem is a good thing just as one wonders about the same in cars. I often use earphones and listen to news/talk, but having a color map and email up front is a whole ‘nother thing.

  2. • Dahon makes something like this, a “ReeCharge” dynamo with a USB connection to a handlebar mount, as part of their BioLogical accessory line. They market it for iPhones, but I believe my Samsung will work fine with it (and not just on a Dahon).

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