San Francisco Police to Craigslist buyers: watch for bike thieves

The SFPD bike theft unit has warned bike buyers on Craigslist that they’ve deployed “bait bikes” — bicycle equipped with GPS tracking devices — and that they will track down whoever is in possession of these bikes when they are stolen.

Earlier this week, the police posted this warning (which has since been deleted) to Craigslist.

We Have Our Bait Bikes Out - San Francisco
We have bait bikes deployed all over the city. Our bikes have trackers. You steal our bikes and we will definitely come for them.

If you think the bike you are selling on craigslist is stolen, then it probably is. Guess what, you are subject to felony arrest if/when we find you. Jail is waiting and your face will be all over social media.

Sincerely, SFPD Bike Theft Unit

And then yesterday, the police posted these mugshots to Craigslist of what they say are known bike thieves .

SFPD bike thief mug shots

If these people are selling you a bicycle via a post from craigslist or on the street, then the bicycle is stolen and you should call us.

These people steal bicycles. From left to right:

Chris Burgess, Sean Sixta, Lonnie Pierce, Michael Runnels, Bradley Cherry, Larry Paris.

The SFPD Anti Bike Theft Unit

Update: Somebody has been flagging the SFPD messages on Craigslist as spam. Here are the mug photos again courtesy of Orange Photography.

San Francisco bicycle thief mug shots

Santa Cruz police are also known to post mugshots of suspected bike thieves to their blog from time to time.

Does your PD use social media to get word out about your local misreants?


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