San Jose bike train ride report

A group of five avid bike commuters had a great time launching San Jose Bike Train this morning.

Bike Train is a social ride for commuters, designed specifically to join experienced riders with the bike-curious on a slow, no drop ride. This initial route begins at San Jose Diridon Station, a major transit hub, and goes north to major employment centers along the Guadalupe Parkway / North 1st Street Corridor. We stopped for coffee at Bel Bacio Caffe in Little Italy; I think we’ll continue that as a tradition.

Next ride takes place next Wednesday morning, February 19, 2014, beginning once again at San Jose Diridon Station. All you need is a bike, and if you want to just join us for coffee you don’t even need that. Thank you to all of the people who helped to get word out about San Jose Bike Train!

More bicycle news below the video of the ride start from Diridon Station.

The all powerful bike lobby is beginning to make an influence in California politics. And guess what? Many of our movers and shakers are women.

Sacramento Public Radio: a transportation master plan for the state capital.

More cyclists in NYC = more law-abiding behavior.

Seven days in the local lockup for a road raging maniac who intentionally slammed his car into a group of cyclists. Via Biking In LA.

Transform’s commentary about the Caltrans reform report.

A new cycling network for Calgary.

Lady Fleur compares her commutes.

Not sure what to think of this tweet that’s been making the rounds. Yeah, different riding styles, but do we really need the tribalism and elitist smugness (or is it smug elitism?) implicit in this type of stuff? Does the style of dress really imply anything? In this example, the two ladies seem to be on a recreational ride, while the Lycra-clad man is obviously on a utilitarian trip with a heavily laden backpack.

Video shows a moped rider kicking out at a bike rider; police decline to investigate because “no independent witnesses.”

Crazy winter bike commuter in Minneapolis.

A two hour bike ride is safer than horse-riding, 15 times safer than skiing, 35 times safer than playing rugby.

Bottom bracket standards, or the lack thereof.

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