San Jose: More people counted on city trails

The city of San Jose Trails Program released the numbers from last week’s eighth annual trail count.

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Volunteers staffed count stations along the Guadalupe River Trail, Los Gatos Creek Trail, Los Alamitos Creek Trail, and the Three Creeks Trail. People using the planned Five Wounds Trail were also counted.

Guadalupe River Trail

1,082 people were counted at the Coleman Avenue station on the Guadalupe River Trail last week, of which 60% were on bicycle. This is a 50% increase over last year’s 719 people.

The most active station was at River Oaks, where 1,689 people were counted at this important junction to the VTA light rail system and passage to large employers in North San Jose and North Santa Clara.

1,256 people were counted where the tail crosses San Fernando Street between downtown San Jose and Diridon Station. This is a 40% increase over 2013.

Other trails

The city counted 1,397 trail users where the Los Gatos Creek regional trail passes under Hamilton Avenue, a 15% increase over last year. At Auzerais Avenue, 169 people passed by on the Los Gatos Creek Trail during the peak commute hours.

Los Gatos Creek Trail near Auzerais

With 789 uses, the city reports an 19% decline on the Los Alamitos Creek Trail, a five mile recreational trail in south San Jose. 54 people were counted on the Three Creeks / Willow Glen Spur Trail, an increase of 20% over 2013.

The city also counted people using corridor of the proposed Five Wounds Trail, which will link Berryessa BART, Lower Silver Creek Trail and Coyote Creek Trail. The corridor is not opened to the public, but volunteers counted 369 people at Williams Street. According to the city trails program, the key users were parents walking their children to school.

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