Cyclists for Santa Cruz Metro citizen committee

Santa Cruz Metro (the transit operator for Santa Cruz County, California) seeks volunteers to serve on the Metro Advisory Committee (MAC). The Santa Cruz Metro Board of Directors looks to this citizen advisory board for policy and operational issues that impact Metro riders. Meetings are the third Wednesday of every month at 6 PM at Pacific Station in downtown Santa Cruz. I’ve been asked to join, but I already have a long-standing obligation on Wednesday nights.

Bikerack for three bicycles on Highway 17 Express Bus

MAC members are nominated by each Santa Cruz METRO Director and appointed by the Santa Cruz METRO Board of Directors. Santa Cruz METRO strives to balance the membership to reflect the ethnic, gender and geographic diversity of the County of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz METRO’s service area. At this time, residents of Capitola, Scotts Valley, and Aptos are encouraged to apply for open positions on MAC.

People who combine bikes with transit need to be represented on this board. The existing members are not anti-bike, but they have occasionally voted in favor of policies that negatively impact cyclists who ride the bus simply because they’re not aware how these issues might affect people with bikes.

If you can attend the meetings please apply for MAC. It helps if you have connections with Santa Cruz Metro staffers or board members, so get in touch with either me or somebody from People Power in Santa Cruz if you think you can help out.

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